Why am I writing and drawing this book?

Emma Goldman was a remarkable anarchist and feminist. She spent the last year of her life in Toronto, where she died in 1940. For 50 years she promoted anarchism, workers rights, birth control, feminism, and social revolution. All the while facing police harassment, arrest, trials, prison, deportation, exile and disillusionment. But right up to end, when she had her stroke, she was still an activist. Where, how, why did she live her life this way? Those are the questions that are my inspiration for making a book about her life. How did she manage to have such longevity and profound stamina? I hope to answer that with my graphic novel and I think it’s an extremely relevant question for all citizens today. Society needs people who are going to be activists for 50 years. It’s essential to our well-being, our culture, our freedom, our future. Maybe through Emma Goldman’s extraordinary, exciting life we can come to better understand our own.

Who will be interested in this book?

The book will be bought by those interested in a passionate story of history, politics, activism, feminism, anarchism and Emma Goldman. I will directly contact librarians, high school teachers and professors specializing in these interests to alert them to the book.

My previous graphic novel The Listener was required reading at a course called Jewish Graphic Novels at Union College (Schenectady, NY). The Listener was also taught in two high schools in Alberta, Canada, after it was selected for a research project called Engaging Teachers with Canadian Literature for Social Justice funded by The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

In 2013, The Listener was presented at an academic conference at the University of Alberta (Canada) in a session called Promoting Social Justice and Belonging in the Classroom with Canadian Literature.

For several years my first illustrated book, The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism was required reading at Capilano University (Canada) in a course called Studies in Contemporary Literature.

Both of my previous books have gone into second printings.

Other graphic books with similar subject matter.

My book is part of a continuum of the graphic novel form that dates back to Frans Masereel and continues through to the work of Joe Sacco, Eric Drooker, Jason LutesBerlin books, Guy Delisle’s books on North Korea and Burma, Marjane Satrapi, Rutu Modan, Chester Brown’s Louis Riel and of course Art Spiegelman. Fans of these books would certainly be interested in my book on Emma Goldman.



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